[0.9-861-g36917ae] Options menu oddity, and that comma problem (again)

Latest Windows Graphical build, in Windows XP.

Moving in options menu requires two key presses to change the row or change the value. Even changing tab and trying to esc out from the options requires two key presses. First key press is somehow ignored. (Ie. press down is -> ignored, press left -> changes value, press left -> ignored, press down -> change row, press esc -> ignored, press esc -> asks if you want to save changes)

Same thing happens in character creation in Traits and Skills tabs.

Funny thing is that if you move focus on other window and press any key, then move focus back to cataclysm, next key press is not ignored.

And and old problem still seems to exists, that can round spawn rate to zero, in latest Experimental build and in latest Stable release.

For the having to press a button twice thing, I somehow fixed it. I think it had to do with changing the size of the window. This is also the latest graphical, but on windows 7.

After some additional testing, I found out that if the Viewport width is set greater than 12, options menu will work just fine. The problem exists only if the Viewport width is 12.

Tested on version 0.9-986-g0b77b92