Opening crafting menu crashes game

Experimental 0.C-7918-g744ef80 (0.C-3982 as a zip file):

Game loads and functions normally until you press the & key to open the crafting menu. It crashes saying that the run time environment shutdown the application in an unusual manner. I made multiple worlds. One with settings I usually use, another with the default settings and the third with the default settings and no mods. They all experienced the same issue.

Issue is:

Since you’re the first I’ve seen to mention the bug on the forum, that means you’re one of the few to have retained the game’s default window size. Apparently if the terminal width is set at 96 or higher, the bug doesn’t occur. o3o

Noted and applied…

I’m hoping that that change was sufficient to fix it?

Yup, increasing the with solved it.


I normally beef up my window size anyway. So I would’ve never discovered this bug if I hadn’t made a spur-of-the-moment decision to test something without fixing all my favored settings.

I tested it on many version of the game and its present, at least like 5 experimentals ago, wonder why it wasn’t caught…

Given how uselessly squashed most interface features are at the default settings, I would assume it’s because no one actually plays at the default window setting. o3o

I play with the default terminal settings but since I don’t update very often I guess I didn’t notice it as well.

Ah. I have no idea how many people do so. owo

I’m glad that there’s a workaround, but it’s still very much not ideal. If you’re using a square font (which I really recommend,) setting your width to 96 can easily make it larger than your monitor.

And if I recall, a recent PR fixed this.

Apologies for the derail, but what kind of font are you using? I’m looking to keep the ASCII feeling still there but have the symbols square so vehicles don’t look as weird when shifted diagonally. Perhaps there’s a font list/compilation I could look into?

The fix is in the latest experimental.

It was inevitable.

Is the the bug in 3990(or 3995)? I can’t grab the latest where I am =/

Yes. The fix is in 4002 and later I think.