Impossible to Navigate Main Menu (Work-around Fix)

On Experimental Build 7205, it’s literally impossible to navigate in the main menu. Press right arrow and it will not actually move the blue cursor (?) on the screen until I press another arrow. When trying to change options, it does the same thing. If I press down, it go down if I press another button. When I press down and then press the right arrow, it will move down when I press right arrow, then if I press a different key, it will change a completely different option than the one that I wanted to change.

Long story short, all of the menu keys are lagging by 1 button press.

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This problem doesn’t seem to happen on experimental 7207.

Are you playing on Windows?

Yes, I play on Windows 10

I believe I figured it out. I went onto one of the older experimental builds (6726) and changed it to fullscreen, restarted, and it was doing the same thing. It is a fullscreen issue.

Edit: Putting the game into borderless window fixes this bug.