0.9-3442-g8446e15 Unable to Board up windows

The easiest and first line of defense in any good house or shelter is a boarded up window, but apparently the option doesn’t show up in the construction menu!

Is this intentional, or has the option been moved somewhere? And if so, why would a construction option not be in the construction menu?

You need to be near a window and have the necessary materials.

Not a bug.

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Try boarding up the windows while you’ve got the curtains closed. I’ll wait. :slight_smile:

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That wasn’t nice ninja…

Make sure you are standing near an empty window (broken and cleaned one), it worked last time for me.

As you can see, in stable 0.9, you at least get an indication that you can build the object in question. In the latest build, I can tell it autodetects it and then appears, but there’s no way to tell what you need to build this before you actually build it. I thought this was a bug and not an intentional feature, hiding buildable objects from the player till you arbitrarily have the materials and are in the right situation to craft it.

It is a feature, but we’ve had a lot of feedback that people don’t like it, so we’re going to at least make it toggleable (and default off at that). Sometimes features don’t work out like you expect.