Boarded up windows insanity?

Why are there so many stages, including ones with no requirement? I originally thought this was to reinforce their boarding, but there’s a different, reinforce construction.

Also, do boarded off windows seal off scent? Or only duct tape ones? Can I duct tape boarded off windows to seal scent and be blocked off from vision?

I don’t think they seal off scent so much as reduce it.

I also think each of the boarded up windows in your list is for a different window.

Here are the comments from construction.json

“Board up normal window”
“Board up window with curtains”,
“Board up empty window”,
“Board up window frame only”,

From what I gather on Github, the construction code is old and ‘hacky’.

Probably shouldn’t be mentioned as separate stages then.

I guess it’s because those are different exceptions on how to board the window, and there must be something automatically converting all those into text without considering if it’s redundant or not, because the system doesn’t know. I guess modifying the system to handle exceptions as one whole thing would be possible, but i don’t think it will be done in some time.