Two questions, one noobish the other still a little noobish

I need some help on boarding windows, I simply cannot figure out how its done and what I need for it. I have just been cramming as many unpassable things in the house in front of windows as possible.
and how to use the debug menu, as im trying to spawn an item for my mod I wrote to make sure it works correctly but I cant get the menu to show up.
Thanks for any help!

Barricading windows is done through construction menu (*),for debug menu you have to assign a button for it (i use -)

hit ? key and you will get a list of helpful things related to gameplay. One will be for game controls, and you should be able to assign keys under that, in addition to learning about existing key functions. I like to use ` (lowercase ~) for my debug!

On the boarding windows, I do understand its done via build menu, I cant figure out what I need, can it have glass in the window? How many boards? How many nails?

The construction menu should show the materials you need, as well as how much you need of it.

when you open that menu, find there the option to board windows and you will see what you need. It’s some two by fours, some nails, level 1 in construction and an empty window frame, i think.

Yeah, if it’s a broken window frame you’ll have to clean it of broken glass, which is another option in the construction menu.

Or just (s)mash the remaining glass.

Yeah. Smash twice also cleans up a window.