Mass and Constant Wildlife Spawning

Not sure if it intentional or not, but ever since I managed to clear away all the zeds near a garage at the edge of a town, massive amounts of wildlife has started spawning. Mostly Wolf Spiders and Squirrels. It has actually gotten to the point that they are showing up faster then I can kill them. (There is about 20-25 squirrels surrounding my base at any given time, as well as 15-20 wolf spiders.) It is actively slowing down my game and it is getting increasingly difficult to try and do anything without being mobbed.

I understand that the game needs to be harder, but this looks more like bugged behavior then anything else. Unless I am missing something and this is supposed to be a part of the game.

Other than this, the game is shaping up very well and am loving it so far.

not 100% sure, but spawning is supposed to be sound based. So are you making ot much noise killing them or something?