[0.7.1-1428-ga462164]: Parrying while sleeping

So I got jumped by a spider in my sleep. Thankfully, I had my trusty katana in my hands, and I was able tor protect myself while I was waking up. :slight_smile:

It seems only a hit will wake you up, but you’ll still pary and dodge even when sleeping.

That’s so badass.

A true samurai has mastered the power of chi, and as such, can dodge and parry attacks in his sleep.

I don’t have a problem with this :smiley:



You may want to test but for some time you was able to counter (and kill) bear during your sleep.

You have honed your reflexes to such a point where you can literally parry in your sleep. (Parrying does require a decent skill level…)

If anything, this should be worth an achievement/memorial note.

Why’s this wolf spider hugging my sword again?
Ok, I need some coffee…