2095 Sleeping & pine tree bug

My latest character is not able to sleep at all. It is day 5 and he has not even been tired. He was previously injured pretty bad and is still hurt but he has no pain so that should not be the issue. He is attempting to sleep in a bed. Also it appears you can forage pine trees as much as you want if you hit no instead of yes when it asks if you want to pick the tree.
Edit: Mid day 5 and I am finally tired. I am not unable to sleep it is just very difficult. Maybe not a bug. Character has heavy sleeper but I don’t think that makes it harder to sleep.

That’s sometimes happens to me too. But it wasn’t a specific build. During most every game, I discovered the fact that I can’t sleep for days. I didn’t select any sleeping penalty and I don’t drink or eat caffeine things.

Maybe I should have reported that earlier here but there is no apparent reason. It sometimes simply happens and I never found out why.

Pine tree fix merged, thanks for the quick response, Rivet. :smiley:

We’ll get to the sleep one as soon as we can. Thanks for reporting.