[Experimental] 0.9RC1-194-g8f83223 Dodging in your sleep

Hi! First of all - thank you for a beautiful game. I’ve been playing since Whales was a developer and it warms my heart to see how game development progresses. Finally a 0.9 stable release, hooray!
Ive been playing yesterday and as my character has gone to bed in a shelter, holding his nail board, the sewer rat had crawled into the shelter and started to attack my character. All night long my character was blocking and dodging rat attacks without waking up, so in the morning I’ve found myself with 13 dodge level. That’s it, hope it will get fixed.
Thank you and please excuse my English

Is it bad that I find this bug hilarious and kind of awesome? Reminds me a little of DF danger rooms…

“Hah, your attacks are so feeble I could dodge them in my sleep!”

Dodges attacks for eight hours straight.
Becomes god of the Dodge.

Im pretty sure this has been around a long time (0.6 or something, maybe even earlier) xD