Zombies update

So I went ahead and add several general strategies to deal with each type of zombies, you can read them in the Notes section of each page. Let me know what you think, any suggestions or improvements are welcomed.

The Zombies page right now at it stands could use an update, many newer zombie variants haven’t been added yet. I’d like to eventually get around and learn how to write those sort of articles to update it but at the moment I’m pretty busy so anyone who has more experience with wiki could help, that would be much appreciated.

Checking up. So far, needs a bit of proofreading but no big deal. Nice job.

Thanks for the proof-reading! English isn’t my first language but I have no excuses for those blatant errors I made there. :slight_smile:

If you’re adding the new zombies in the experimental there’s several new types of zombified dogs as well as the new firefighter zombies and (ex)survivor zombies too.



Ex-survivor zombie was added in Git a few days ago.

Just killed one. Had some boiled leather armor on him.

Looks like this guy didn’t use windows properly.

Also, give butchering ex-survivors 10% of spawning a CBM :smiley:

[size=5pt]Jk that’s a terrible idea.[/size]