Zombie slaves?

After recently updating to the new experimental version I noticed the ability to turn a zombie corpse into a ‘zombie slave’. I haven’t tried it out since you have to wait for the corpse to revive and it said something about the corpse “shouldn’t” be able to attack, but I was wondering what it does exactly and what sorts of applications it has.

When you make a “zlave” (aka zombie slave) it will be “friendly” to you and will follow you around, unable to attack. You can use them to carry your stuff around, like vehicles.

Ah okay, sort of reminiscent of The Walking Dead. How do you make them carry your stuff, do you just drop it on them with D like you would drop items into furniture? Also are other zombies and enemies hostile to them.

That’s really weird feature from my perspective…

It’s likely a direct reference from The Walking Dead. And the morale penalty from actually turning the corpse into a slave (around -200) makes it pretty situational. Honestly I’d prefer a shopping cart but I’m going to try and resurrect an army of zombie slaves just to see how that works out.

If you 'e’xamine the zombie slave it pops up a menu for interacting with them, to get them to carry things you need to put an article of clothing on them that can carry things, e.g. a backpack.
They have a volume limit based on the item, and a weight limit based on the strength of the zombie.
You get a similar menu if you 'e’xamine a friendly dog, and we’ll probably expand it to other things in the future.

Would love to put the kevlar dog vest on a friendly dog :3

Okay that’s pretty neat. Can’t wait to see how these are expanded upon. The ability to be a zombie slavemaster, roving across the wasteland in full warlock garb, would be quite a sight.

C-can we have frog hats for friendly cats?

It will have a practical purpose: moral boost from seeing a cute froggy hatted kitty :smiley:


But seriously zombie slaves sounds really fun, what happens if they die? Will they come back, and still be a slave?

I believe so, unless it was killed hard enough to be pulped. There’s three results from trying to make a zlave, I believe. One is you suceed, the other is you fail, and the zombie revives as normal, the other is you fail, and it doesn’t revive at all.
Also the morale penalty doesn’t apply to psychopaths, so take that as you will.

So is nicknaming your zombie minions required or optional? It’s important to be a good zombie overlord

i make a zombie slave once, but my car turret kills it. when he revives again he can bite me now. that happens a couple of versions ago.