Zombies spawn immediately?

you used to get a few hours to run to town before zombies spawned. I made a new world with .3 and there are zombies there already. I have static spawn off.

From what I understand, that’s a bug that got introduced in 0.3 (someone mixed up hours and turns, or something). I’m told that bug is fixed for 0.4, though, so why not grab the prerelease linked from the homepage? (or, if you’re on Linux, grab the latest version from Github and recompile)

thank you. I didn’t know there was a pre-release on the main page. I always checked announcements.

Why is static spawn set to a default of true? The non-static spawn is the old way right?
From what I read in the forums static spawn is easier right? So all zombies in the game spawn at once? Why would people want that? Is that just for easy mode?

Because it allows for more tactical play in large part.

For the moment, yes, playing tactically makes it much easier. It’s actually harder to brute force though.

is there a changelog for the pre-release?

Check data/changelog.txt in the zip, although some stuff may have been missed (or not yet added).

so what do you guys do to get enough to drink for the first few days? Been trying out the static spawn and not doing all that well.
Can you boil water now to purify it?
Getting food isn’t hard because I can kill rabbits.

I am also noticing that corpses seem to be more common now. did that change or random chance?

I played quite a bit in the old Whales version with some mod plugins. Lots of stuff has been added. I tend to suck at Rogue likes. Semi-scumming by giving myself 24 skill points (thank you for letting us crappy players have it easy).

Re boiling water: you can, but it’s not intuitive. Took me a while to figure it out, and I go around reading wikis, etc.

HOWTO boil water the Cata way, circa 02Feb

  1. You’ll need the following: non-Clean water, a heat source, a pot, and something to store the Clean Water in. Boiling water takes a while, so try not to set up in a Z area or a swamp. Woods are safe enough in 02Feb but wolf/cougar spawns may be more aggressive now.

  2. Get all of that within 1-2 spaces of your position–you don’t need it all in the inventory. Somewhere in the newer versions they let you take water direct from a lake/river etc, so outside may be a possibility. (Safer to have two containers: one with Water and one for the Clean Water.) If you’re using a fire for your heat source, make sure it’s going.

  3. Hit "& to get the crafting menu, and then “>” to the Comestibles/Drinks tab. Should be about 3 pages over, IIRC. There should be an entry for “clean water” as the top item in the list; if you got step 2 right, it should be lit up white and each requirement listed over on the right side should have at least one green entry (indicating that you fulfill the requirement).

  4. Hit Enter to start the boiling process. If you have more than one way to accomplish a task, such as both a Hotplate and charged Integrated Toolset, it’ll prompt you for which one to use. Finally, it’ll prompt you for where to put the liquid: select your container, and you’ve got Clean Water. As stated, it’ll take a while of game-time so hopefully you’re in a safe spot. (Safemode only stops movement.)

The ingame time required was reduced massively in later versions.

And more to the OT, I forgot that even without safemode the game’ll alert you to Monster Spotted, bad weather, fatigue, etc. and let you abort out of crafting/repairs. Apologies for selling Cata’s safety net short.

(That safety-net is one of the better features in Cata; good job, Whales or whoever put it in and maintains it.)