Non-static zombie spawns

Is it possible to completely deplete the amount of zombies that can spawn in 1 town without have static spawn on? I am killing zombies while working on my archery skill and am just curious if I will ever get to the point where no more zombies can spawn in this town and it will be almost completely save.

No, that’s why there is static spawn. Either all the enemies in game start with you after the grace period in the morning the first day, or they spawn depending on day progress and the noise you make.
I’d certainly be interested in an option that destroys something like a Zombie Spawner or there is a hidden condition you need to meet (say kill X amount of Zed, depending on the amount of residences in the town) that makes sure no special zombies spawn there any more and only one or two Zombies appear, like they are wandering aimlessly into town.
But so far, either they all spawn right away or continue to spawn until you get eaten by them.
At least that’s how I understand it.

Actually, even in the old system zombies are spawned from a “population”. You can eventually kill them all, I think.

Interesting, do you have any idea how big the population would be? Obviously it would change depending on the size of the town but let’s just say a town with roughly 30 buildings.

Some hideously large number in the low thousands. Good luck surviving long enough to kill them all.

To be honest, unless I come across a lot of hulks (or brutes, whichever is the harder one) at once, zombies are no longer a problem for me at all. I’m summer day 5 now and nothing gets close to me with my trusty bow (next to skeletons, which I just bash).

This is a great idea, especially if you fortify an area. It will appear like you’re safe, aside from the few who sneak thru/were initially hidden/missed.