Questions about newer releases

Playing .4 pre-release 2. So this is more about the new stuff., I had questions under my ‘static spawn post’, but its probably best to move them here.

  1. How do you guys get enough water for the first few days with static spawns? Food is not a big deal with rabbits. I saw a reference to boiling water. Can you do that now to purify it?
    The water thing is my biggest limiter
  2. Are there more corpses or am I just getting lucky? I have noticed quite a few more corpses with items laying around and this is very helpful since I can’t really go to town much.
  3. Noise does not seem to be that big of a deal. I can smash windows to get in the backs of houses. Before this would spawn, but not a big deal now.
  4. I found some power armor. Then some power armor plugins. It looked slow. How implemented is this? Does it get good with stuff to power it up? I almost always choose near sighted so then power armor becomes a bad idea during the day due to site, but at night with night vision the distance is about the same. Is there some buff you can add to power armor to cover glasses? If not then traits that require glasses might need to be worth more.
  5. FEMA camps. Are these new? I think I saw a reference to them a while back but were removed. Or was this NPC towns?
  6. Thanks for letting us crappy players have 24 skill points to start. Here is the buff build I have been using. What do you think? I also wimped out and turned off skill decay. I really do suck… so don’t hate on me. I die constantly even doing this.
    str: 14
    Dex: 13
    Int 14
    Per 14
    Pos Traits: Fast Healing, Fast Learning, Quick, Fleet Footed, Night Vision
    Neg Traits: Ugly,Trigger Happy, Glass Jaw, Heavy Sleepr, Truth Teller Wool Allergy
    Skill: Archery (I get this since I found that finding bows/crossbows are iffy and this is a great weapon.

For us wimps would you recommend something different?

  1. Looks like weather and cold is a bigger deal now. What are the effects of cold? I don’t see alot on the wiki? How do I stay warm if I have Wool Allergy? Are there seasons? First day is in the 60s. Does it get warmer before it gets colder?

  2. So in the pre-release you added professions. Have not tried them. If I was to get chain smoker for the bonus point to pick up dodge early, How would I best overcome my nicotine addiction?

  3. I have not found any beehives and I have done quite a bit of exploring. There used to be alot. This used to be my favorite way to train Archery, get meat and stockpile Royal Jelly (incredibly useful).

  4. I saw a reference to being able to decide NOT to train skills. Thank you. How do I disable this?

  5. Noise seems far less dangerous now. I have been running around the outskirts of town and breaking windows to get into houses since I don’t have the 2-3 hours cushion I used to get to do an initial raid. Does this mean that a silencer on a gun is not as important?

  1. Yes, you can boil water. You’ll need a frying pan, pot or stone pot. That’s the hardest part, as you might not find them. But the stone pot you can craft yourself with three rocks, string/sinews/plant fibre and a bit of survival skill. To boil water you have two options.
  • Use a hotplate, make sure you have a valid empty liquid recipient in your inventory (plastic bottle, glass bottle, plastic canteen, waterskin, etc), get close to a toilet and start boiling by using the crafting menu (&), in the Drinks section. You’ll eat batteries up quite quickly if you use this method exclusively.
  • Take a gallon jug of , (U)nload it, approach a toilet and fill it with water. This will be now your main deposit for water. Take it outside, along with your pan/pot/stone pot and liquid containers. Look for some young trees and bash them to try to get some heavy sticks, or pick those on the ground. If you have a wood/stone axe chop down a tree and chop logs from it. Place the wood somewhere and light it. Then craft the clean water (via &). If the gallon jug is out of water and you still need more make a quick trip to the toilet and refill it again. Then continue with the boiling.
  1. It’s just luck. But they’re usual enough for you to find at least one around your starting area each time. Sometimes you just have to look harder.

  2. Zombies still hear noises. If you aren’t alerting them is because they’re now amassed in the center of towns. In the periphery you’ll still find some, but nothing you can’t handle. They had their vision reduced a bit tho (and each zombi has its own different vision range).

  3. Haven’t touched those yet.

  4. FEMA camps are from the “classic” mod by Oddzball. That mod has been and is being merged with the main build to some extent. You have the option of turning on “classic” mode that makes it work more or less like that mod, which gets rid of zombie specials and other more outlandish stuff, so it gives a more traditional zombie apocalypse feel (still on the works, some stuff isn’t properly removed or tweaked yet).

  5. That sounds more than good enough. Just try to be more careful and pray the RNG doesn’t hate you this time.

  6. While Wool Allergy bans you from wearing the most warm clothes you can still survive cold nights by layering up different cloth pieces. Put some clothes in the corner you crawl yourself in every night. Pick those which provide particularly high warmth (like winter coats). Put them on before going to sleep. Put them off when you wake up. Lacking proper winter clothes just stack them over each other. Five t-shirts are better than one. Etc. Once you get some clothes on you’ll slowly warm up. So take the temperature display with a grain of salt. If you think you’re comfortable enough go to sleep. Chances are the cold won’t wake you up (but you might still get up a bit cold). Coldness can cause lowered stats and, if severe, frostbite.

  7. Don’t go out without a pack of cigarettes. Or man it up and go through the lengthy and dangerous withdrawal process. If you’re well stocked (food and water) you might make it, so you can be one of those obnoxious ex-smokers.

  8. Again, random. The RNG god didn’t want you to play with bees this time. Keep looking, though, they are out there somewhere.

  9. Open your character screen (@), (TAB) your way through to the skills panel, scroll with the arrow keys and once you find a skill you want to freeze press (SPACE).

  10. It’s not important for the outskirts, but it still is if you plan to get to the center.

Thank you.

  1. have not figured out how movement works exactly. I have quick and fleet footed. How does this way against items that I wear? For example Arm Guards say 69 moves to attack. What does that mean exactly? I think it means it adds 69 moves to what I need to do attack. What is the base? How many do you get per turn? I am confused on this.

  2. I also see that arm guards give bash protection and then bashing -5. What does bashing -5 mean?

I am trying to figure this out so I can figure out armors real value and cost.

  1. how would I go outside in the winter with wool allergies? winter coat check. What else would I wear?
  1. Can’t help you there. That stuff doesn’t make much sense to me either.

  2. Bashing, piercing, etc means the damage done when using that item as a melee weapon. I don’t know how melee is calculated, but I guess it’s based on character strength. Then the several damage bonuses (or penalties) are added to that. In that case it would negate some of your damage, as you’re trying to hit something with something equivalent to pillow with plastic reinforcements. It bends on hit and actually softens your blows. Just speculating here, though.

  3. Fur everything (hat, coat, etc). You can sew most of that stuff with some tailoring and fur pelts, via tailoring crafting window. High encumbrance in general, though. But, hey, you picked wool allergy. It’s a negative trait for a reason.

EDIT: BTW, I noticed that the materials for fur clothes weren’t properly updated in the wiki. I’ve fixed that, so you can check it to have a better understanding of what to wear in order to get warm. Turns out that fur stuff isn’t as cumbersome as I thought. In most cases it’s even less so than their wool or cotton counterparts.

  1. Power armor is powered by UPS, reducing encumberment from 5 to 1 but really nothing else, or at least i didn’t notice. Also power armor has high warmth so usage inany season except winter is lethal (if body temperature Hot then you must take off your armor), but in winter it’s one of the best clothing.
    Near-sighted is not the best perk for me 'cause i usually use mood swings and lightweight, or use far-sighted instead (you just can’t read without glasses and gain penalty in melee combat, so for ranged combat it’s better).
    6.If you start with 24 points and continue on dying then try my build
    STR 14
    DEX 14
    INT 14
    PER 14
    Pros: Fleet-footed, Parkour Expert, Quick, Night vision, Lightstep, Robust genetics (isntead of Robust you can use poison/disase resistant, self aware)
    Cons: Heavy sleeper, Glass jaw, Lightweight, Addictive personality, Mood swings, Truth teller, Ugly .
    Job: Unemployed (currently nothing of interest there)
    Skills: None (or 1 in archery for 1 point of sth)

As for anything else to stay alive longer:
Avoid big cities if you don’t want to be overrun by dozens of zombies.
Get small bases not far from cities where you can stock your gear, ressuply and rest without fear to be attacked (more or less).
Be sure to have emergency gun for unpleasant situation.
DO NOT GO TO LABS, MILITARY OUTPOSTS AND BUNKERS! They are guarded by turrets, but if you have military ID you can sneak in bunker without activating turrets.
If you continue playing dead try classic zombies, you won’t get better at dealing with them, but can develop some tactics against large hordes.
Best tools are lighter, crowbar, hatchet and shovel.
If you need more info use wiki or ask other players/look through Newb questions.

I think speed system works like this:

Movement speed and action speed are separate. Fleet footed grants you a bonus to movement speed, but the quick trait only affects other actions like firing weapons, melee combat, picking up and dropping stuff, probably taking medications/eating+drinking as well as filling containers. I think crafting times is fixed, and reading time can only be reduced with fast reader trait.

-encumberance on feet and legs gives bonus to movement speed. +encumbarance gives a penalty
-Adrenaline rush gives a bonus to movement speed
-some stimulants and alcohol give bonus to movement speed
-Pain greatly reduces your movement speed

About arm guards, every item can be wielded and used as a weapon. That’s why clothing has horrible Bash values, it is not an effective weapon. The number of moves to attack is the swing speed of the weapon. 100 is an equivalent of walking with regular movement speed on the regular terrain. Fx. a Sledgehammer has attack speed of over 200, which means that every time you swing the enemy is most likely to hit you twice or thrice (with regular attack speed). Once again, every item has this value, but you won’t use every item as a weapon, so only focus on those numbers if you are planning to use the item as a weapon.

For clothing focus on encumberance, coverage, warmth, storage, protection values and volume if you are planning to remove the clothing before combat.

I hope this makes sense, and feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

Quick gives 10% boost to all actions including speed, Fleet-footed reduces amount of action points needed to go for 1 tile by 15 (85 instead of 100), Road runner by 30 (It’s mutation not starting perk), parkour expert halves action points needed for going through rough terrain (min value is 100) and reduces chance of being injured (1/4 of basic chance for broken windows). If you want act faster drink coffee, energy drink etc. This increases your action points for some time. Increasing morale also gives some ap, but for that you need to have morale above 100 (elated morale :smiley: ), also it gives some bonuses like increased stats.
Building time isn’t fixed, but about crafting i don’t know (didn’t pay attension).
If you have sewing kit you can fit your closes (currently only cloth and wool). Arm and leg protection is needed mostly when you are blocking attacks (like Krav maga).
As already said every weapon has own speed, but the stronger you are the faster you use it, however if you miss you lose some ap (deft partly negate this effect). Also encumberance on torso slowes your attack speed.
Pain reduces your ap, so don’t get hit too much or you as good as dead, so firstly take care of loners, take painkillers if you need and if there’s more than 2 enemies try to avid them, or kill them from distance.
Fast reader reduces time for reading books and so does INT, but in a bit lower value (everything is displayed when you create character).
That’s it (more or less) :slight_smile:

Cheers mate, cleared some stuff up.