Static spawn for zombie

I saw a new option in the 0.2 today. Does it mean that zombie will not respawn after you kill them ?

Check the update notes. I believe it does, in essence, although it does have a drawback: all special zombies (hulks, brutes, spitters, etc.) are spawned at game start as well. This is being remedied next version if I remember correctly.

When do they normally spawn anyway?
I know child Zs are there from the start, around 9:30ish normal Zs start spawning, but what about the special ones? Are there any “times” in which they start appearing?

They “spawn” when you enter the area, and I believe there’s a fixed amount for how many can spawn. Either way, each sector (how big that is I don’t know) has a fixed number of reserve zombies, and when that’s depleted, they’re gone for good. I don’t know if that also applies to non-zombie monsters, but I would venture to say no.

my asthmatic throwing guy has been killing zombie for 4 days now and they are still spawning lol… my inhaler was so low that i have to dash into all houses to find new inhaler =/.

So does it mean that if i go into another town there will be zombie there waiting for me already?

Yup. To make matters worse, as it was stated before, all the special zombies are spawned right at the beginning, too, including Hulks. In my siege on the northern hemisphere of my starting town, I’ve encountered three hulks in the same spot, and it’s by the grace of God (and my fuckin’ gat) that I’ve been able to fend them all off, but I’m level 40-something when you combine all my stats, possibly 50. My character is stacked pretty heavily at this point, but I only got that far because I was able to lure the EARLY hulks to their doom at a lava pit that spawned south of the town. When I entered the northern part of town, that no longer became an option, since Hulks always run faster than you unless you have running perks/mutations. And the fact that they spawn at the start of the game makes raiding even a small backwater town like mine almost impossible at level 0.

I think spawns are messed up in general, I can’t stroll into town for some quick looting without 100 zombies spawning. I’m not sure what Im supposed to do without a car. Raiding at night is iffy too because the zombies will hear something walking and instead of assuming its another mindless zombie, they assume its a human and come at you like crazy.