Zombie vs fungals vs robots

How do I move this to the bugs section? This isn’t what I thought it was about.

I just noticed that most of the zombies and their things are just gone now. I found one of those basketball courts with zombies inside. the fence is still completely in tact but the zombies are gone. most of the bodies are gone too now. I got away from the town and went to a local fungal spire I was keeping around to prey upon the monsters it put out, but the spire is completely gone as well. the only evidence it was there in the first place is the trees, bushes, etc etc etc. I decided to check other things. A military blockades turrets are gone, the mi-go I left on the bridge north of me are gone. I smashed down the doors to a lab with my car and drove away before I could get shot up. the turrets spawned normally, but when I turned around and went back, they were gone.

Lore reason for robots not attacking zeds was mostly an excuse for lack of an infighting mechanic.

I’ll probably update the infighting soon. Zeds will be less aggressive towards robots and animals, especially from far away. Kiting will still happen, except it will require more setup and a better bait.
Having zeds not attack fungaloids could also be in. Maybe even they could be afraid of fungaloids, except for zeds that can safely attack them (spitters).

That would be good, but I noticed the real reason I cleared it so quickly was that all the monsters and animals despawned. The fungoids making killing off zombies easy is still a thing, but I see that with the sheer number I encountered prolly wouldn’t have gone down so easily if they hadn’t simply despawned. Im using static spawn. Once they get outside the reality bubble, they simply vanish.

Coolthulhu fixed this one last night.

Ah cool, Ill grab the latest experimental then. I’m glad you guys are on top of stuff like this and issues get fixed quick. So quick that by the time I notice them, they are already fixed. :smiley: Thanks Coolthulhu.