Zombie technicians pulling weapons out of your hands at long range?

at first i thought it was a grappler zombie cause he was dragging me around, but once i got away from and killed him, i once again had my gun ripped out of my hands.

i killed one of the nearby zombie technicians and sure enough, he was holding onto my gun.

last time i checked zombie technicians were just utility workers, not stretch armstrong.

If I’m remembering Correctly, Zombie Technicians have CBM’s in them, Electromagnetic Unit. They can use these to steal items from a distance, ten tiles away or so. Have a backup weapon handy or kill them before they get close.


that does seem to be the case… i checked on the wiki cause i was confused and apparently this is one of the things they have.

… problem is… they not only grabbed my gun, but they also grabbed my knife.

… and then my other knife too.

i basically had to fistfight em to death, which… not -that- bad cause krav maga, but still.

Its Zeds like those that have me with a “Always wear a pistol” policy, even when I’m using another gun. The cooldown on that power is at least longer than it takes me to draw and dome them.

… wait, if it pulls METAL weapons out of your hands… then i guess it wouldnt pull a wooden bow out of your hands would it?

Nope, everything that doesn’t contain any iron/steel will not be pulled out of your hand.

Edit: Let me rephrase this, as that has to many double negatives…:
It will only pull away weapons that contain* iron or steel, all others are save.
You can beat them to death with a baseball bat or a stick, or shoot them with a bow or any weapon that’s made of superalloy/wood/plastic.

*Contain as in “the material that the weapon’s made of”. Not sure if it does take into account any magazines/mods made from iron.

ah. that settles it… i’ll just carry around my pulse scatter gun cause its made of…

… wait no its got steel in it too… dang.

would a walther p22 work as a sidearm? cause its made of plastic and zinc
the RM120c shotgun would work too cause its ceramic and superalloy… though the 20x66mm shells are kinda hard to find/make

Yes, I’ve just tested and verified that. Even with a steel magazine, it will not be pulled away from you (unless you take out and wield said magazine).

Also, attaching a (steel) gun modification did not make the gun magnetically attracted.

High strength will offset it too, if your strength is high they can’t pull the weapon out of your hand.

As others have said, nonmetal weapons are very helpful for them, it’s also good to have nonmetal melee weapons on hand just in case you have to fight shockers by hand, though with current versions that’s way less survivable than it used to be.

Used to be a rubber hose was pretty good for beating down shocker brutes and technicians, but even a simple cudgel will do fine for putting a technician in the dirt.

Bone shiv should always be one of your backup weapons. Can’t get pulled and doesn’t conduct electricity when stabbing the shocky boys