Zombie Personality's

Just minor things in where you classify your typical everyday zombies that want to eat your bran.

-in description of zombie it gives minor information on what they would drop but not guaranteeing anything.

  • for example, In one zombies text box this zombie looks like it knew its way around computers,
    this would categorize what the drops of said zombie would be by putting thier drops in fields of “what type of item that the parson would be carrying around in life” and what are the chances of him carrying them.

Perhaps suggested zombie personality

Techie- is more likely to be carrying around stuff like soldering irons, ram, and other fun stuff
Electrician- copper wires, screwdrivers, and chest rigs
football player-more likely to wear football gear giving some defensive value
junkie- more likely to have drugs

  • as a creative community i feel that this is enough and you guys would like to put in suggestions

but also, perhaps the type of zombie can affect the chances of what type of personality the zombies have, like techie and electrician have higher chance of bee-ing a shocker zombie while a significantly less chance of them going Hulk.

this is just suggestions to add even more flavor to a game and to people whom just happen to like to look at monster descriptors.
and for soldier zombies descriptor bee-ing rank like captain, corporal, general, and the one nobody listens to. and a slight buff ot soldier zombies is that they may use the gun thats on them with horrendous accuracy depending on personality or rank… maybe low chance of having them even be on normal zombies but have less chance of having guns…

descriptor in zombies could tell you in red that !This zombie is holding a gun!

I’d like to see people who died with their firearms in an iron grip being zombies that come after players. They’d mostly just bludgen you with said firearm their fingers are locked around, but there would be a chance of said firearm going off, possibly into your kneecap.

Well, if a zombie with death-gripping a firearm with their finger on the trigger, I’m sure that the weapon would be empty.

I’d like to see butchered zombies sometimes return lead from being shot, for both zombies you shot and zombies that were shot during the cataclysm.

Monsters have an “inventory” for this specific purpose. It does it for arrows, but I haven’t bothered to add shot because it has a bug where if the monster leaves the reality bubble and comes back the inventory is reset. Need to fix that before building more stuff on top of it.
(need the same thing for static hordes)

You can tell by the Linuxbeard.