Harder zombies have better drops

Shockers can drop bionics. I dont believe any of the other special zombies have any special drops. how about they have a higher chance of better drops? All zombies drop some form of clothing with a small chance of something else dropping. I think better zombies should have a higher chance of better drops.

Well what would they drop? Guns? Ammo? All zombies have the chance of dropping good stuff.

Anyway, you do not have my internets.

This was suggested earlier and if I remember it correctly, the answer was that it would be too game-y. Zombies are enemies and killing them should be purely for survival only, not for their loot.

Shockers drop CBM (when butchered) because it makes sense. Shockers are humans that had CBM when they turned and therefore can shoot fucking lightning when ever they want.

Hey, military zombies are dropping some military gear, cops lower tier stuff, hulks can be skinned for piles of leather and swimmer zombies are the goto for hotpants, isnt this better drops?

Yeah, I’m not seeing how zombie drops are uonbalanced at the moment.

Personally, id like to see more live grenades or something.

“You examine the body”
“The body moves, and you hear something click”

More themed drops would be welcomed (such as school teachers/students dropping books) but definitely not better or worse loot in terms of rarity.

[size=8pt]I agree that zombies should have more themed stuff on them. As it stands most zombies just have a few shredded clothing on them while corpses (like scientists) have like ten pairs of eyeglasses on them. Strange. More variety and balance would be nice.[/size]

It would make the game far too easy if zombies were dropping guns and katanas at every turn.

@spitss: they actually do occassoinally. zombies do drop other items like wrenches etc… and sometimes bullets. its a low chance, i think harder zombies should have a little higher % chance to drop these things.

I killed a zombie in a prison and he had a shotgun. Make sence?

Depends on what you mean by ‘harder zombies’. Zombie cops and soldiers are already practically guaranteed to drop fairly good body armour, and zombie soldiers are almost guaranteed to drop guns and ammo. This makes sense because that’s the equipment they would have in life. A hulk or a brute would most likely not be wearing or carrying anything much. Zombie scientists also drop scientist gear, and you can find CBMs on them.

I might be wrong but I also belive there is a (fairly low) chance for army zombies to drop military cbms when butchered.

Smokers could drop cigarettes more often. Hulks could drop… heavy items… more often. Boomers could have fast food.

Skeletons could drop bones.

It’s been suggested several times before, and the basic answer is “no, we don’t want to be that game-y”.

Our current policy is to give zombies things they would realistically be carrying around. There is no reason why a hulk would be carrying around a machine gun, for example, but there would be very good reason for a military zombie to be carrying one around.