Zombie Master Buff

I was reading Apocalypse no Toride and I quite like their zombie masters. I think the Zombie Masters should get a strong area buff to all the zombies around it, making them much faster, stronger, and just generally a more fierce threat. With the added ability of being able to reanimate non-pulped/ butchered corpse as a zombie, animal or human, zombie corpse or not. This means that your best bet would be to deal with the Zombie Master first.

Rezzing corpses is the Necromancer’s job. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (Now, the Master ought to be able to promote others to Necro…)

That said, I suppose letting Masters use the brain-blob’s focus-attackers ability wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Oh wow, and I thought I was evil… yea I’m going to see how that plays, I expect lots of !FUN!

For those not aware (the brain blob isn’t all that common), the brain blob has clairvoyance and can mentally command nearby blobs, it does so by making about half the nearby blobs mass up around it as a defense (think phalanx from dark souls) and sending the other half after the player.

I’d expect zombie masters to be a bit more… sophisticated.

There are pretty ridiculous things you can have it do, like find the shortest path for zombies to take to surround the player, or coordinate their special attacks, or even have all the zombies swarm around the player and withdraw when they’re hurt… yea this could be awesome.

That sounds awesome. I suppose it would make sense that the Zombie Master would be able to control the other zombies. But that seemed like it would require intelligence, so I wanted to stay away from that.

Horrific thing that fits Cata lore and that players will have all sorts !!FUN!! with? Two thumbs up from me. :smiley:

The Master is definitely intelligent; the Necromancer likely is too. Both are definitely support roles, NOT in the front lines, and as such the Blob’s safer investing in processing power rather than meat or exotic anatomy. No worries.

(So if you caught either unaccompanied or breached their line, punching it out should be pretty workable. They don’t bite.)

Really? Wow, damn. That sounds awesome. In the future I imagine that some hordes would be lead by Masters with ranks and stuff.

oh good :stuck_out_tongue: another priority target for my evening night raids if i happen to bump into one :stuck_out_tongue:

also i think it would be hilarious if some items had electric attract tags on them where electric clouds ad such just swerve torwards… cause i think it would be hilarious seeing a shocker zombie electricute itself after it has done gotten a steel spear lodged in its brans… also making the items more prone to gettin struck by lightning.