Leave more clues that tell the story

My understanding is that the alien “blob” parasite is the reason for zombie resurrection.

The “blob” tries to control the minds of humans but is only strong enough to do so when the humans are dead. The “blob” can also make changes in the human body, which explains why mutations work. Currently it appears that the only way to figure this out inside the game is to read a bunch of content in labs (i.e book titles and computers next to turrets). In other words, this very important story element has been literally locked away in middle/late game content.

If there is supposed to be a parasite blob inside of zombies. Maybe this should manifest itself within the game. For instance, butchering a zombie might have a small chance to produce blob globs. This chance might be higher with large zombies such as a zombie hulk.

If blob monsters are actually just another manifestation of the “blob”, then what about having a small random chance for blob monsters to form when you butcher a zombie (chance could increase the closer to resurrection), or maybe sometimes instead of reviving a zombie a blob monster will be created.

My general idea is that we should relate the blobs to the zombies so that they don’t feel like completely separate ideas that have been thrown together. Thought has been put into the back story and the game should expose that.

“Blob” rather interact at the cellular level, or as a parasite locates near spinal column or brain. It is highly unlikely that the XE037 (technical term for “thing” in the game) in the body of the vector is nestled in a sufficient amount to create sizable blob or zombification effect was used to create a virus or bacteria that was to be used as a biological weapon but something goes wrong…

i was imagining that blob is inside of body like water in sponge when you cut sponge water do not leave it so you have 2 wet sponges and you need to squish it to relase water but i cant imagine survivor squishing tainted meat for why not reason

As it happens, I recently merged Frost-wood’s blob zombie, which essentially is blob with a skin on. Only shows up as the result of critter evolution (so if you always kill everything as soon as you encounter it, you’ll never encounter one of these) but it’s got some potential.