Zombie Mode!

Well, lets jump into this.

Zombie mode! Yes you dont have an inventory your hunger and thirst wouldn’t go down. A new non-talkable murderous NPC with random weapons and you eat them.

And you could play as special zombies, hitting a button {D maybe since you don’t drink} using their special abilities. Like Necromancy or Hulk Smash!

Also, random spawns of an Item called: Mutate Goo! An item that brings mutations to the undead, maybe changing your type.

Wouldn’t make that much fun to be honest.
It’s like Cataclysm minus 95% of what makes the game interesting.

Maybe have eating human corpses? I just want to let out my rage after I die.

I remember Rogue Survivor had a mechanic like that, I never really liked it, I loved the concept though.
Although in Rogue Survivor you had civilian NPC’s and other scumlings running around that you at least had a ‘chance’ at nomming on as a zombie.
Cataclysm however… Give an NPC a nailgun, and they will snipe your head off from miles. (Personal experience)

I wouldn’t mind this mechanic in the game, But there is alot of work to be done first.