Z-levels mod

I know its a mod, but i read the aim is to integrate it. I am currently rebuilding a motel into a base, do you want me to report quirky/buggy behaviour?

The goal isn’t to integrate it, it’s to replace it with a system that actually works the way we want instead of through hacky, broken, work-arounds. :stuck_out_tongue:

So probably not, no. It’s something we intended to replace wholesale, so bugs with it aren’t exactly that important (though if you run into a bug that seems it’s not related to it we would love to hear it).

Okay. Not many other bugs, just that digging downstairs with pickaxe do not seem to generate noise, and some weirdness with roof collapsing mechanic (parts of it were still there despite smashing all the walls, until i jackhammered the remaining floor tiles). Oh, and constructing roof over downstairs (not z level mod) and metal doors replaces them with floor tile. I guess both have roof included already, but in that case there shouldnt be an option to construct it. Or they shouldnt have roof in first place… (especially downstairs.

Out of curiousity, do you expect the replacement for z-levels mod to be there anytime soon?