How 'safe' are z-levels right now?

From what I understand, the more advanced z-levels are still super buggy, and I’m not 100% certain that I desire to deal with that. However, if it is stable enough then I might be willing to try it.

What do you mean by advanced z-levels?

Well, normally you can go down either one layer or two. But I believe there is a world option that allows some ‘beta’ buildings that can go higher/lower than that. Which is what I mean by advanced z-levels.

Unless I’m just being an idiot, which could totally be a think…

How many labs have you been to as they can have a fair few underground floors. As for other building the main issue I have with the mod the game comes with that has multiple z-level buildings is that unless you need to disassemble some furniture there is really no point to them as nothing if barely anything spawns in them.

The experimental z-level options don’t increase the number of levels, what they do is make the game load all the z-levels at the same time, which allows a certain amount of interaction between levels to happen.

They aren’t particularly risky to enable, but they can make the game a little slow, and the set of features is incomplete.

Not to mention the noise alerts in areas with populated z-levels. Ear plugs in vault cities is a must unless you have enhanced hearing and can just turn your ears off.

Yea, that’s a bug, I need to make sure that’s marked as a release blocker, thanks for reminding me.
EDIT: Actually there’s a fix
Is this still an issue, or do you just remember it being an issue?

Not sure if it was from a mod or if vanilla really changed mansions but in a recent run I found a three story mansion that was just packed with items. All the tools and clothing, including winter clothing, a character could ever need. And a swimming pool for water and in a forest for scavengeable bushes and wood. If it hadn’t been packed with zombies and so far from a town it would have been a perfect base. The full of zombies part was that characters downfall, three deep bites after I was out of first aid kits and while I was able to cauterize two the other one became infected.

I have never seen it before. But then again I haven’t played in three months.

If it is 3x3 mansion then it is probably:

I can still hear underground Mi-Go from outside a lab. Also heard a Shoggoth one level down. Maybe they should have their volumes lowered slightly?