Z-Levels Currently

I’m wondering what the current state of Z-Levels are. I’ve noticed it still has the same description as it did back before autodocs existed which is the oldest timeline I’ve ever played. Are they still really wonky, has work been getting put into them, and are they a good thing to turn on? What does it actually mean anyway?

with z-levels disabled, the reality bubble only contains things on the same vertical level as you. If climb stairs, any NPCs or monsters on the old level will stop existing until you return to that level.

with z-levels enabled, the reality bubble contains things above and below you for several levels. NPCs can follow you up and down stairs even if they aren’t immediately adjacent to the stairs when transition, but monsters can too.

z-levels are fairly stable at this point and that warning will probably get removed for 0.E.


Sounds good, I’ll probably turn them on for my next playthrough if that’s the case, could be an interesting change from the relative safety of stairs.

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Oh, it’s great. Just wait until you decide to clear a multi-story building and get to deal with Zeds falling out of windows onto you.