What does Z-Level buildings do?

I am curious as to what Z-Level buildings do in the world creation menu. I turned it on but I didn’t see anything different change. So what does it do?

Did you enable Z-Levels in the actual world menu, or did you enable one of the mods that adds z-level buildings?

Z-Levels is still extremely experimental and at times unstable, but one thing that should happen is that the world no longer ‘freezes’ when you go downstairs, or vice versa… Without it on you could run into a basement, find twenty zombies and just run out without any of them following you back up… But with Z-Levels enabled they can (and often will) follow you back upstairs because the z-level no longer freezes in place…

One thing this means if you’re NOT using z-levels, you can basically use the basements of houses as permanent food storages that will keep your food from spoiling… Or dump a bed down there and be assured safety from any topside dangers.

One thing to watch out for if you got z-levels on. If you’re playing with a high spawn rate, or even if you’re not, certain multi-floor areas - like the slime pit for instance can cause your game to slow down a ton; since there’d be a ton of creatures on several floors below moving when you’re in the area.

In the latest build even with Z-levels off, I get critters moving up & down after me. I don’t mind this effect as it is great. However I would really like to know just how the hell an elevator is suppose to work in the malls/office buildings/and survivor building areas???

Are these even in the game or just for show and not working(even when npc’s mention a basement in survivor camp buildings)?

Elevators were always just for show, I’m afraid…

Ah thank you for the replies guys! I always wondered if elevators worked too xD Thank you again!

They actually do work, they transport you two-z-levels down.

Humor us and inform us how they work, for the life of my character I can’t figure that part out.

Science labs/malls etc annoy me when I find an elevator and if they can be gotten to work that would be great. =)

The only working elevators are the ones in the mines, and I am pretty sure that they just simulate an elevator by teleporting the player a couple Z-levels down.
Thinking about it, maybe I should drop some items on the elevator tile and see if they go down with me.

The mines, and the sarcophagus elevators are the only ones that work.

Thanks for the info. Now I can stop trying to figure the others out.

adding actual elevators would be a nice touch…but preferably after some form of look down/up at visible other z-levels is implemented. Survivor made pulley elevators would be nice, especially since that would allow the transportation of large carts up/down multi-level bases and such. Long way away and lot of work I know. But something to keep in mind.