Your Mother?

Had never seen this before, any thoughts on what causes it (Maybe it was that mushroom I ate earlier)

P.S: I an new to the forum so if I posted in the wrong section please move the topic.
P.S2: I think I am [glow=blue,2,300]hallucinating[/glow].

You’re right. Welcome.

Correct guess. As far as I know, hallucination is most of the times a result of schizophrenia or mushrooms.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Ok thanks then it is that mushroom I ate a little earlier before I started hallucinating (I doubt I will ever get the schizophrenic treat). BTW How do I stop it or is it just time?

Time is the only cure. Protip: Mushrooms, while sometimes they are very useful, can be dangerous to eat.

Ahhh, good ol cataclysm shrooms. Just wait till the game starts to yell at you.


Y’know I love the wiki page on your mom.

No, there’s no porn under my bed.