Game freaking out!

Something is wrong with my game, there are letters randomly flying everywhere.

“the heat is making you see things”…
Can you examine the letters?

Nope, whenever I press a button the letters move somewhere else.

This right here. You are hallucinating because your head is so hot.

This makes me think that adding some recreational hallucinogens might be in order. I want to be able to do this at will.

Something like 1/3 of mushrooms will do this already.

I don’t want a one in three chance of tripping, I want sheets of blotter acid to munch on while shooting at zombies and hallucinations of my own mother.

Something like 1/3 of mushrooms will do this already.[/quote]

Specifically, 50% of the mushrooms with 10 nutrition. Unfortunately the other 50% of those are the poison mushrooms.

(The ones with 14 nutrition are safe to eat.)