Your ideas for new achievements and conducts

Since the addition of infrastructure for achievements and conducts, I’d like to open discussion on what potential achievements and conducts you would like to see in the game.

I may even add some to the game personally, if I like them and if time and engine allows.

Achievements are self explanatory, but just for clarification I’ll add that conducts are self imposed limitations you set on yourself for a play-thought, like “never drink alcohol”, etc. They can be tracked by the game engine.

I also need to say that the implementation has it limits so there is no guarantee that certain ideas could be plausible to add at this stage.

Nevertheless I’d like to hear some ideas.

Speed demon. Cross the length of three map tiles in a single turn.
Hercules. Beat a skeletal juggernaut with your fists.
The plan. Enter a bank’s map tile by digging up into it.
Betrayer: Kill a fungal tower while being mycus.
Ogres. Plant and harvest onions in a swamp.

Grounded. Never get electric damage.
Toasty. Never get cold enough to have a risk of frostbite.
Breezy. Never get hot enough to recieve damage.
Neutral. Never get acid damage.
Bullet allergy. Never get shot.


As in: Find and drive a car :grinning: ?

Well, one question: What does count as an Achievement?
I’m not a fan of “Kill 1000 of X”, “Reach skill level Y” and “Collect 100 of Z”, but some games see that as Achievements and given that some like this are in Cataclysm as well, these can basically go on forever.

Even though I can see a reason that “Survive for a year” actually is an Achievement in the game, as it’s actually something you have to achieve.

How about these?:

  • Successfully hack a computer.
  • Step on every existing terrain at least once.
  • Visit all existing overmap tiles.
  • Find all existing overmap specials.
  • Visit every tile of one overmap (X’0,Y’0 to X’179,Y’179, Z-level does not matter).
  • Build at least one reinforced concrete (or resin) wall (as it’s a long way to get to this stuff).
  • Find and pick up an artifact.

And one two Conducts:

  • Never read a book. [Implemented]
  • Never gain any skill (other than what you start with). [Implemented]

Some more…:

  • [ACH] Have at least 1 Million on your bank account.
  • [ACH] Have a fully filled cash card (2 millions).
  • [ACH] Survive with less than or equal to 10% of your maximum health left on your torso or head.
  • [(Anti-)ACH] (Survive) getting more or equal to 50% of your maximum health damaged in one hit.
  • [CON] Never use a cash card (other than for crafting).

Even more:

  • [CON] Never use any firearm (bows/crossbows and throwing are allowed).
  • [CON] Never use the crafting system (yes, not even to cook).
  • [CON] Never eat any fast-food.
  • [CON] Never drive a vehicle (building/using them for crafting allowed, just don’t drive them).
  • [CON] Never use any electronic device.
  • [CON] Never change Z-Level (this is going to be impossible for some starts, like the Lab-Challenge and others).
  • [CON] Never talk to an NPC.
  • [CON] Never change your starting cloths.
  • [CON] Never go deaf (no matter if it’s because of a loud noise or earplugs/bionics).
  • [CON] Never climb (as in: bracing against furniture/walls or using downspouts to get a Z-level up, or [e]xamine a ledge to climb down).

  • [ACH] Kill at least 1 Zombie each ingame day.
  • [CON] Never create a Zlave. [Obsoleted]
  • [CON] Never consume any drink (anything defined as liquid).
  • [CON] Never consume any food (drinks or other ways to gain nutrients are fine).
  • [CON] Never pick up any weapon.
  • [CON] Never pick up any item (you can still drag them around and use advanced inventory to move them around, just don’t get them into your inventory or hands).

  • [ACH] Get Morbidly Obese (that’s an achievement, as it’s the apocalypse we talk about).
  • [ACH] Don’t move a single tile for a ingame day/week/month/season/year (not even with a vehicle and pick the length you want to implement).
  • [ACH] Befriend an animal.
  • [ACH] Gain an NPC follower.

In line with what MutaMan posted. David and Goliath - kill a zombie hulk (or other suitably large undead) with a sling

Ogres. Plant and harvest onions in a swamp

I like it.

My proposal for an achievement
Have all 4 limbs broken at the same time. Not sure how to call it.

An other Achievement (not sure if it’s possible to do as it is now):

  • Be surrounded on all 8 tiles with (aggressive) monsters (and survive).

And based on @Wasylus’ suggestion, a new Conduct:

  • Never break a limb. [Implemented]

One question @mr_sep: Would you prefer to have only one post per person (as in: should I edit my existing post to add new Achievment/Conduct ideas) or a new one each time to keep this topic alive and for a better overview?

I’m not sure that’s an “Achievement” (as in: a goal, a milestone, something that you want to reach/get).
But maybe “Fully heal 4 different broken limbs”?

Easy, just find a hulk.

More like double betrayer. Being mycus already counts as one.

opposed to current pacifist, “psycho”: kill something at least once a day.
Never use anything running on electricity.
Never use ranged weapons.

Unlimited power: achieve maximum possible bionic energy reserve and charge it fully.
Balance in all things: Get both your max mana and max bionic energy equal and fully charged (0/0 doesn’t count).

Whatever suits you.

I already see that some types won’t be possible for the current engine. But I already see some gems that I’d like to try to implement. I’ll keep you updated when I get to it.

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By map tiles I meant overmap tiles, each being about 24 tiles each if I remember correctly, which you’d have to drive pretty friggin’ fast to traverse three in one turn. Currently can’t even think of a vehicle that’d allow you to do that, but it’d definitely require at least 2, maybe 3 engines.


Become something more than human (not sure if ALPHA should count).

demolition man:

Get killed in a (presumably one you caused) explosion (shrapnel doesn’t count).


Be set ablaze. (dying is optional)


Be set ablaze as a incest mutant.


Eat human flesh while starving.

Would one of its components in the mutagen recipe include biryani? :rofl:


This most likely won’t work, because you need to be alive to gain Achievements (they are character bound).
And again, I don’t think that negative experiences should be “achieved”.


Survive stepping on a landmine.

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Et tu, Brute? : be sent flying by a zombie brute in a first time.

The one about being all broken up should be called “Johnny I hardly knew ye” (a bit sad, a bit funny).

How about an option to not have either turned on in the options settings? I hate both.

This all assumes they are on automatically of course. Perhaps an option to only have them listed upon death? That way they show more like a badge of honor than a extra screen in game.

My Only Regret Is That I Have Bone-itis.

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4 limbs= Captain Foibles! (Foy-Bulls)

Fencing Term:
the weaker part of a sword blade, from the middle to the point.
(ala, elbows and knees onward…it also sounds cute while being distubing lol)

Thanks, I appreciate that. I’ll add new ones to my existing post when I get an idea that wasn’t already mentioned here.

There is a way to do this right in the game, just not straight forward: Assign a key to the debug menu, open the menu and choose either [T]eleport and then one of the options or [S]pawning and then Spa[w]n an item. Accept the message with [Y]es and then bail out with ESC.
The achievements and conducts are now deactivated. If you change your mind, you can reactivate them in the debug menu by choosing [G]ame and then Enable [a]chievements.

Since “anti-achievements” seem to trend, how about a third category where you find such and similar crazy challenges on “How to not survive (in) the apocalypse”?

Hmm…thanks. It is a strange way to do it over having a toggle option. Which would seem a more logical way.