Browsing these forums again and came across people wanting achievements in game. So, here we go, implemented achievements or not. CataDDA is technically an open world sandbox in my opinion. We know what this means. We make our own list of achievements. So anyone wants to make thier own lists of achievements, feel free. Others can copy and paste them then cross them off when done or whatever.
This boils down to Cataclysm having no goal except to survive. Oh, and the goals we make ourselves.
Just thought this was a good idea. So people, lets make a huge list of achievements here.
Loving some of Candlebury’s achievements here,

Quoting John’s post from the linked thread:

A well thought of achievement doesn't actually require a fair playing field either, nor does it require the game to be designed to meet specific criteria. For example, achievements that involve foes being killed carry all their conditions on their definitions without the need the need to change the main game at all:

-Nailed’it: Kill 100 zombies with a nailbat.
-Vorpal Blade: Kill a Jabberwock with a sword of any kind.

Then we have achievements in which the ways to achieve them are so broad that no game would ever try to balance ever:

-Deep beneath the earth: Reach a mine finale.
-Indy ploy: Reach the bottom of a temple.
-No Kevins: Reach the core of an ice lab.
-Payday: Have a cash card with more than $8,000.
-8D: reach the 8D morale smiley.

And them we can have achievements for overly specific situations:

-Casimir effect: Install the quantum teleportation bionic
-Creepy Crawlies: Meet a sludge crawler
-FIREEE FIIIIRE: have more than 80 map squares on lighted on fire at a given time.

Really I think that achievements could be a very fun thing to have in game rather than a detractor for most people, I for one know that they would make me play the game for longer timespans. And its not like the game didn’t had small goals already considering what you need to do in order to get an artifact sword or a desert eagle.

My ideas:
Posthuman - reach a mutation threshold
It’s been a year - survive for a year with 30 day seasons

Im fine with achievements but not with adding number or a reward to them, that turns them in to goals.
Some more achievements
-Pain is momentary, being eaten is forever.
Reach 100 pain

-Voom Voom
Build a vehicle from starch

  • I feel the need for speed
    Reach 100 MPH

  • Faster than a speeding bullet
    Reach 300 MPH

[quote=“Funk, post:3, topic:5518”]Im fine with achievements but not with adding number or a reward to them, that turns them in to goals.
Some more achievements
-Pain is momentary, being eaten is forever.
Reach 100 pain

-Voom Voom
Build a vehicle from starch

  • I feel the need for speed
    Reach 100 MPH

  • Faster than a speeding bullet
    Reach 300 MPH[/quote]

You cant reach 300 mph. Only 250 mph. Thats the cap.

But if were going that route

  • Land Speed Record
    Reach faster than 1,000 Mph
    Or perhaps even
  • Jump to 0.000001% lightspeed
    Reach faster than 10,000mph

-This, is my BOOMSTICK!
Kill 50 enemies with a double-barreled shotgun.
-Lock and load, boys.
Modify a gun.
-Get me a burlap sack.
Turn on a chainsaw.
-A Samurai without a master.
Acquire a Katana.

"Friday the 13th"
Equipped with a hockey mask and weilding a machete, kill 199 zombies

"Personal upgrade"
Successfully install a CMB

"Innocent bystander"
Kill 10 friendly NPCs

"Going postal"
In less than 24 hours kill 100 (Maybe more?) enemies, creatures and NPCs

"I am not trapped in here with you, you are trapped in here with me!"
Kill a monster/NPC/Bossthing in a locked room

A few more

"I am not trapped in a factory full of robots, you are all trapped in here with ME!"
Clean a robot factory (Once they get added)

"Ullapool effect"
Hit an enemy with a mininuke (Active) (1)

"Espace velocity"
Achieve 25,000 mph

I can think of so many movie references.

Oh god.

[quote=“Mrnocamera, post:7, topic:5518”]I can think of so many movie references.

Oh god.[/quote]
Let us fill this post with movie references

“Snicker snack” - Kill a jabberwock with any bladed weapon

Uh… That’s all I got riht now.

-And now, we ride.
Drive a motorbike for 1500 map tiles.

-Revolver Ocelot.
Kill 100 enemies with a revolver.

-Paint the town red.
Clear a entire town of zombies.

-Like Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid.
Die while surrounded by enemies.

-Don’t shoot!
Convince a NPC to lower their aim.

-You fucking asshole!
Get a Mininuke (Active) from a NPC.

-Stabby stabby.
Kill 150 enemies with a knife.

-I’ll take this, you take your life.
Successfully rob a NPC.

-That’ll wake the neighbors.
Throw a enemy through a window.

-My kingdom for a horse!
Walk 500 map tiles.

-Bits of me keep falling asleep.
Successfully teleport.

-This is why you don’t fuck with me.
Launch a missile.

-Say hello to my little friend!
Kill 500 enemies while high as fuck.

-Sky high.
Blow up a gas station.

“What lives in the dark corners of the earth”: Kill a Shoggoth

“Vorpal Shotgun”: Kill a Jabberwock with a shotgun.

“You can call me two million dollars”: Collect 2 million dollars on one cash card

“Drr…drr…drr”: Kill an Amigara Horror.

“THE WOOOORRLD!!!”: Install the Time Dilation bionic.

“This is a ship of exploration”: Have a vehicle with the welding rig, forge rig, FOODCO Kitchen Buddy, Chemistry Rig, and Kitchen unit installed.

“Prepare for unforeseen consequences”: Activate the resonance cascade in a science lab.

-Merchant of menace: Trade 1,000,000 dollars worth of ammo/weapons with NPCs.
-Left to die: visit an abandoned Fema camp for the first time.
-Zombie Bullshit: Get ripped to death by a hunter.
-A new dawn: Survive your first day.
-Dawn of the dead: Don’t survive the first day.
-SOVIET RUSSIA!: Eat tainted meat.
-One riot, one ranger: As a police officer, clear a complete town.

Ill surely write more

-I left the oven on.
Blow up a house.

Kill something by chopping down a tree.

Obtain a AK47.

-Knock knock.
Smash down a door.

-Here’s Johnny!
Smash down a door with a fire axe.

-Father, we have sinned.
Kill a enemy with a holy object in your inventory.

"It’s like shooting fish in a barrel!"
Knit for the first (and hopefully last) time

Raise all your skills to 5

"Am I too violent for you, cupcake?"
Kill an enemy NPC with a rocket launcher

"One fist, Two fist, Red fist, Blue fist"
Hit an enemy two times in the same turn

"Anarchist Cookbook"
Create your first homemade explosive

"Run, Forrest, Run!"
Move two tiles in the same turn

Kill 200 enemies in one day.

-Is it dead?
Kill a zombie for the first time…

-It is now.
…And beat the corpse to a pulp.

as long as the achievements can be disabled/optional, i’m perfectly fine with the list of non-sense presented so far :slight_smile:
now srsly, don’t push the blight of achievements on this game too.

-Is it dead? Kill a zombie for the first time...

-It is now.
…And beat the corpse to a pulp.

really ? how about an achievement for opening the game ?

The first few achievements in a game are always really easy to get.
Just saying.

Who needs courage?”: Equip a firearm.

“Doesn’t taste like chicken at all!”: Eat human flesh.

“Maybe with some fava beans and a nice chianti?” Eat a cooked meal with human flesh.

“6 million dollar man”: Install 15 Bionics

Whole-heartedly agree

Games now reward you for the most trivial of things, which turns achievements into an annoyance.
Having 10 companions at the same time, that’s an achievement. But there is no need to make your first companion award-worthy.