Yokes & harnesses

So I had a little 1 tile cart for scavenging/foraging in the wilderness around my ranch where taking a vehicle could be too bothersome to maneuver. While I was standing by my resource piles & checking the crafting lists I saw I could make a yoke & harness.

I made one up, thinking this is great as when the cart gets close to full capacity it gets too heavy to haul. So I made up the yoke, slapped it onto my cart and grabbed a cow (he was the closest) to attach into the harness. So my question is, how do I get the animal to move? It was friendly (obviously) before I attached him. Is there a command I’m missing or maybe another part I need to craft? A whip or something to get the cow to move? I’ve tried even grabbing the cart and the cow in case I needed to “lead” the cart like that… Nothing. I have horses as well if it won’t work with cows. :cow2: :racehorse: It was just the closest animal and thought a portable milk dispensary would help save me weight in bringing food along.

If anyone has any experience with this, any and all help is greatly appreciated. :grin:

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You need to drive the vehicle as normal with controls etc.

It dosnt follow you automatically.

oh… wait… I could add that now we got simple auto-driving.
Thanks for the idea!


Ohhh! I never thought about driving the cart like a vehicle. I guess in my head, I just saw itnas something you walked along beside and led that way. Thank you!

Never tried anything with auto driving, but glad I could blunder my way into an idea. :sunglasses:

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