'Yell A Sentence'

How is ‘yelling a sentence’ any diferent from just yelling? I tried using it around Mi-Gos and it didn’t do anything, I was expecting them to repeat the stuff I yelled at them.

Role play, there’s no in-game effect other than the noise it causes.
If we add a feature for shouting to NPCs over a distance, it will be a menu where you choose sentences, not free-form text entry.

It is pretty satisfying to scream “EAT SHIT DICKNOODLES!” before opening up with the A7.


XD when was that added? thats awesome, has in been in for a while and I didn’t realize it?

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I remember it as long as I’ve been playing this game which was shortly before 0.C

I remember Yell, I don’t recall having a the ability sentence, or maybe I just never utilized it since it didn’t serve a purpose and promptly forgot.

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While I wouldn’t strictly say that due to me being apposed to swearing, I now want to always shout a war-cry when I charge into battle with The Alchemist’s punch daggers impaling his enemies. Hehe.