[0.C-20354-g96c2c55] Yelling produces 1 Sound instead of the usual 25-30

0.C-20354-g96c2c55 (6086, found in 6045)
SDL (graphical tiles)
Windows 7

It was late evening and I was ready to go to bed. In the dark, I spotted a zombie wandering around my shelter, right outside my window. I knew it would find its way inside if I were to leave it there and go to sleep, and already too comfortable in my pajamas to climb over a window frame and a set of deep pits I decided to yell at it until it got close and fell into one of my well-placed traps. Alas, the zombie was unfazed by my pathetic 1-Sound shout. The character did hear herself “shout loudly!”, but my UI said otherwise - supported by the fact the zombie was not lured into the traps from 7-8 tiles away, by a shout that’s otherwise 20-30 Sound loud.

Reminding myself I’m a broken cyborg and shouldn’t expect myself to function properly, I decided to take a look at my bionics menu to see what the effects of my Voice Remodulator CBM were (assuming that’s where the problem resided). To my surprise, nothing like “your robotic voice cannot emit high pitched sounds” was mentioned in its description. The effect of the CBM is fairly self explanatory - what with a creepy robot voice affecting interactions with other human beings and everything - but I never thought it would disable me from using my own voice as a source of noise to attract nearby mobs or scare woodland creatures away.