NPC Yells at me When I do stuff

So I have a building I’ve based myself out of, and I have an NPC I’d convinced to follow me, and I left them in it to guard it.

I’m trying to fortify it, but when I did around it they start yelling at me, and it wants me to interrupt my action. If I check them after they show they’re getting angry with me…it’s the middle of the afternoon, so I can’t imagine they’re sleeping, plus they have no needs…what’s up? Why does this happen? How can I still fortify my base without making them hostile?

Are they yelling at you specifically or just shouting about them hearing a noise and it giving you an inturrupt notification? The interrupt notification and shouting out how they heard a noise are pretty normal, just hit ignore.

Kick his ass. No, they usually want to stand in whatever spot yo’re in for some reason. When I do stuff like that I just tell them to guard some random spot away from me, or the inside of a closet or something. If they’re not nearby they tend to bitch a lot less.

They weren’t part of my party yet, but now that they are I’ll give that a try.

I should have fixed that