.270 and .30-06, really?

Can someone who is more of an expert on guns than me confirm that it is actually possible to fire a .30-06 round from a .270 rifle and vice versa? The other multi calibre guns are all within a tiny amount the same, or in most cases exactly the same. But the difference between .270 and .30 is over three quarters of a millimeter. If it is true it blows my mind and I need physics lessons.

Meh, a valid gameplay simplification if you ask me. Its not like we didn’t had an excess of barely useful ammo in game anyway.

I have no problem with it as a gameplay simplification, I was just curious as to whether that was what it is, or if there is some truth to it. I really know quite little about firearms as I am not from the US.

I’m hardly a firearms expert, but it seems that I become more knowledgeable on the subject with each passing day. The CIA probably thinks I’m some kinda dangerous psycho, what with all the guns and stuff I research online these days.

Yes, a .30-06 rifle will fire .270 rounds. Kinda. It will quite possibly jam, and may not even chamber at all due to the .270’s case being a hair longer, and if it fires it will likely be incredibly inaccurate due to the round being a bit smaller than the receiver is made to hold. There’s a small risk of damaging the gun, but most .30-06 rifles are tough enough to survive without harm.

No, a .270 rifle will not fire .30-06 rounds. If you do manage to load them in there, they’ll misfire and most likely damage the gun and possibly the shooter.

A .270 round uses the same case as a .30-06 round, it’s just been modified slightly to have a longer neck and hold a smaller diameter bullet.

So while you can fire .270 rounds from a .30-06, you shouldn’t.

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"It is safe to fire .270 in a 30-06, but not vice versa."
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generally speaking, it’s best not to shoot ammo in a gun it isn’t designed to shoot. that being said, some rounds really are interchangeable, such as .308 & 7.62x51mm and .223 & 5.56x45mm. some you technically can but it’s very dangerous and you really, really shouldn’t do it, such as .270 & .30-06.