Worldgen Question

I’ve noticed something after some of my many deaths. More than once, I’ve told the game to not delete a world, only to spawn in a completely different one. And more than once, I’ve told a world to delete only to spawn there again. Is there a reason for this? (Stable .8 build). Also, is there a way to back up a world so I can recover it untouched after I die?

You sure it’s a new world? You get placed at a new Evac Shelter most the time

I’m sure. I’ve been suiciding until I see world I like, and the RNG hates me, so I’ve spawned on top of my own corpse multiple times.

Use the editor to reveal the whole map and check it out. Though in the more recent builds my bodies have been missing. (though I assumed monsters ate it XD Because I’ve been killed by assorted critters that’d eat it. XD)

Where are my saved worlds going, though? I’ve told it to keep them and I haven’t seen them since.

I’m trying to determine that, by default they don’t get deleted. My guess is you’re just getting screwed by the RNG and it’s the same world.

Could be. I was under the impression that you would only respawn at the same shelter (unless yours had been destroyed by, say, fire.)

I’m pretty sure you can spawn at any of them in a certain radius of the original even if it’s destroyed…

That’d probably be it. Thanks! Is there any way to make a copy of my world file after I generate it? (In case I want to start over in the same world)

Depends on your platform, but generally copying out the save folder ought to work.

Actually, you can spawn at any shelter in any revealed world block. So the more you explore in a given world, the larger the number of shelters it has to choose from to spawn you in.

To backup your save, you want to grab the whole save/ directory, and probably put it in a zip, tar.gz, or rar archive. It’s big but it compresses really well since it’s all ASCII data.

I just copy my whole cataclysm folder and have folders called cata1, cata2, etc. Its not like they take up any space