Is there any way to get back a rest world?

I have a game that I spent the past week trying to escape from the middle of city and I was so close, to escaping and was just doing last minute preparations when I got too curious about what was behind a locked door, and was stunlocked by a zapper zombie. The loss of this charecter was already a pretty major bummer since I had level 3 in almost all skills, and almost 7 in fab, but the thing that really gets me is that I spent alot of time gearing up a deathmobile to escape the city. however now I may not be able to use since I forgot whether world reset was turned off.
For some reason the backup files in my launcher have unfortunately failed to do its job and the only ones I have are three weeks old.
I really want to see the fruits of my labour at least, even if I have to play a new charecter to find them. Is there any way to recover a reset world or tragically no?

When a world resets it deletes anything inside the save folder, aside from the mod list and the world settings.
To my knowledge, there is no way to “recover” a reset world.

However, you might still be able to recover it with specialized recovery tools.

Also, analogously…: