Why does my game not reshape my world? I like my world free of mansion infernos

Well lets just say I was tired and wanted to try something. So I decided to light a fire in a mansion, in the library, with a smashed bookshelf. Yeah… not the best Idea I’ve ever had… So anywho, I am wondering how to reset the game world because no matter how many times I press that button… The world is still the same.
P.S. I am downloading the new version and hope it works out this issue. I like my old char’s corpses not to be everywhere. In other news the char escaped the inferno by running to the window smashing it and jumping through.

delete your save folder manually.

Yeah, the new world function doesn’t work on Windows for whatever reason, so you just need to delete your save folder.

I’d guess it’s either trying to delete a folder in use, or the command you’re launching doesn’t have permissions.
With it being so transient, it’s hard to tell.