World Gen and Simplified Nutrition Mod

Does anyone else’s Cata crash when they try to create a character on a world with the “Simplified Nutrition” mod ticked? It does for me every time. I actually like the implementation of nutrition but on the default 12 day seasons I find it to be a bit harsh at times. If it’s a known bug I’ll just keep it on and play with 30 day seasons, I’ve been meaning to start playing with longer seasons anyways. Health effects over time are correlated with season length, right?

Tangential question(s): Do you guys find that changing the season length unbalances the game in any way? As far as I know you can’t pause or resume crafting recipes, so crafting lengths aren’t affected by season length right? I know construction is if you use that option, do skill books take longer to read as well? And crop cycles?

This has been discussed on GitHub, Issues #16745 “‘Simplified nutrition’ mod crashes the game when entering character creation” and
#16827 “Crash when Creating world with Perfect Reliability mod installed”.

No need to change your game plans, nutrition system isn’t working yet. It tracks your vitamin levels and displays warnings, but deficiencies don’t have effects yet.