Simplified Nutrition Mod requested tweaks

Would it be possible to update this mod to work the old way in terms of eating? This mod doesn’t seem to blend well with the updated hunger system. I go with this mod so I don’t have to manage vitamins/calories, just eat when hungry. However, going by just calories my character is always peckish, gets hungry within an hour, and eating too many items, fattens my character in less than a week.

Possible to make the mod also remove/ignore the whole calorie system? It worked great just before all these hunger updates. When one got hungry, you ate whatever til full.

Just eat as you do in real life.


Possible, but i doubt people will like that “simplified nutrition” becomes “you don’t need to eat”

If I don’t have Simplified Nutrition mod, what does deficiency do to me? Are the effects only cosmetic?

Depends on vitamin

Thanks. So currently only calcium deficiency has non-cosmetic effect?

edit: What does iron deficiency and scurvy do?

That’s not what I mean. I meant ignore calorie system in terms of getting skinny/fat, and messages claiming your stomach is empty despite eating everything.

I still want the need to eat, but work just like thirst does. You eat/drink til the status bar says your full, and health system not affected by how many/little calories I got.

Time to inhale few cans of Pringles and chug offbrand cola!