I really like the new hunger system

Really. It completely relieves the need to break long crafting / building sessions for food. If you eat as much as you can for a day (maybe 50 sausages or so) then you are set for the next 5 or so days before you start going famished, even on fast metabolism.

Also looting is nice: just eat anything you find that isn’t nailed down. (Or pry it up and eat it, who am I to judge?). Doesn’t take up carry weight, and again, you’re set for several days of reading/crafting afterwards, just need clean water. Very handy.

Tldr: reap big efficiency benefits by eating lots, then ignoring hunger until famished.


Of course in real life, bulking up on calories then fasting for a few days probably isnt the best way to live, but yeah , its doable, and if you wanna do that in cata, it can be useful to avoid interruptions for long activities.

In-game, doing the binge-fast routine starts leaving my character with steadily increasing “Malnourished” status, and that’s with the simplified nutrition mod.

It would be great if hunger represented only the fullness of one’s stomach rather than whether they are are actually getting enough nutrition. If the self-aware trait actually kept track of calories consumed and spent, instead of having to rely on vague feelings of fullness and hunger, there would finally be a reason for skilled players to consider taking it.

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I also like the new stomach contents system. I believe it encourages more normalized eating habits in players.

What you’ve touched on, though, is the main issue I’ve seen. Many of the people I see complaining do so because they want to min-max. They want to know precisely the right number of calories to eat. In your example, you want to binge so that you can effectively ignore the game’s system as much as possible.

Why not, just, I don’t know, eat like a normal human being? Is it really so hard to stop two or three times a day, walk away from your books to your pile of food, and eat something?


Never used simplified nutrition. But been curious - does it make good nutrition harder to achieve? I remember once running into vitamin A problems in base game. But eating liver on rare occasion plus one or two multivitamins a week seems to prevent it, at least for a year. (Don’t know about older characters.) Feels like you’d really have to work to get other deficiencies. If S.N. is more difficult… Maybe fun?

Haha, aww, unicorn. Can’t you just imagine coping with the cataclysm’s stresses by eating an entire 3L jar of jam on wheat flakes, possibly with your hands, followed by thirty two stale pixie sticks, six coconuts, and a tower of waffles? Or wait, maybe that is just me… :stuck_out_tongue:

Handfeeding the same thing to NPCs is also wildly entertaining, even if they only will take so much. And I really like the ability to put a few million calories in base camp once the buckwheat comes in. I wonder… Do you think it would be possible / straightforward to add a NPC pick up-and-use zone? Like ‘dont normally pick things up, but anything in this freezer is for you’?

I think you’ve hit the nail on the head here, I haven’t seen any complaints that make the slightest amount of sense if read as, “I’m starving to death due to lack of feedback from the system”, but all of it makes sense when read as, " this system doesn’t give me enough feedback to min-max it properly".


Let us not forget, that the menu doesnt close everytime we eat something now, 10/10 improvement!


Just had a thought, maybe there could be a bionic implant that gives more detailed info on hydration/calories/metabolism/whatever. Seems like something people would pay for and therefore something that companies would develop and sell. Also seems generally within the capabilities of existing bionics in the game. Popular with actors, celebrities, and athletes.


I’d pay for that IRL!


I always turn on simplified nutrition, because the vitamin requirements and the speed with which deficiencies set in is frankly absurd. Normal survivors should have at least two years of all vitamins stockpiled in their bodies, just from eating normal junk food all their lives. Healthy people, ten years worth. Maybe a junkie or hobo would start getting a vitamin deficiency disease right away because they literally ate nothing but crack/booze for the two years before the Cataclysm began.

Hmm. The water-soluable ones can wash out pretty quick… But I get your point. I think your speed concerns might’ve been taken into account? Malnutrition is hard to get on, oh, versions 9000 and up.

Just eat normally as you would IRL, eat two to three times a day depending on physical activity.

Also Amazonian tribes live off of the “binge and fast” lifestyle where they gorge on a hunt and fast for several days. They don’t have a concept for saving food for later since “the extra food is in the belly of my brother.”

It’s 100 percent viable to gorge once a day and fast for the rest. Speaking from personal experience.

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does anyone knows how the new hunger systems affect the slime post threshold?

Those same people live on average 34 years and kickoff from all the nutty shenanigans like stringing their legs and such.

34 years in the cataclysm is pretty good imo

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How much of that is down to high infant mortality rate?


People always forget factoring in infant mortality when they consider average life spans. I always appreciate it being brought up.


“There are three kinds of lies: lies, damn lies and statistics”


Indeed. But my reference was towards the Amazonian tribal people. From birth to death living the primitive lives they lead. 34 is about as old as they average. Which kinda sucks…but oh well :man_shrugging: