Working Refrigeration and other Base Electronics!

Hey, is your mini-refrigerator running?
Then you’ve obviously got it hooked up to a power supply!

Show and tell your various post-Cataclysm electrical rigs here. Stationary rigs are preferred, but feel free to show off your Power Cart or even a particularly impressive vehicle-based setup.

Yo it’s the Power Farm. I found a solar car with too many upgraded panels, drove it to the shelter and started a new project.

The left piping part runs through the shelter window to bring the power inside. The window is blocked by the welder, it is available in- and outside too. Highlight is on the emergency generator part, but I’ve never needed it.

And playing with it I just realized that a recharging station and a pile of recharge battery mods is the only thing that a good vehicle needs, so I’m looking to keep an electric motorbike as my drive. Switching around batteries is easy enough, it doesn’t need to be self-powered with a power farm in the yard.

Even post-nerf solar panels are still pretty good, looking to run a mini-fridge next summer if I can find one.

That’s great!

My mobile setup, basically everything you need. From the bottom up:

  1. Row of six cargo carriers with upgraded reinforced solar panels mounted on top
  2. Heavy board with four reinforced upgraded panels plus two quantum panels in the middle
  3. Reinforced upgraded panels on the side boards, mobile chemistry set, F00DC0, minifridge, RV kitchen unit
  4. Isle with floor trunks / cargo carriers
  5. Mounted welding station, mounted electric forge, floor trunk, bed with vehicle controls and floodlight

It has four storage batteries, four gasoline tanks and two water tanks. Everything is green because I armor plated all the stations after an unfortunate incident involving my previous F00DC0 mount and a landmine.

How’d you get those quantum panels? They didn’t seem to have a crafting recipe last I looked, and I haven’t been able to find any.

They are found in lab finales the on that also has the laser pistol and fusion rifle.