Wolf Suit doesn't let me stay dry out in rain?

I thought that if you were wearing an item with greater warmth than 35 and covers the torso it should keep you dry. Heres a picture:

Or has it been changed? But it should still keep you dry in the rain like it covers your whole body and is wolf skin basically.

I think that you must have clothes with more than 70 warmth (or some amount like this) to stay dry. It works for me with cloak on my usual clothes (trenchcoat, cargo pants, kevlar vest, 2 and half million backpacks, army helmet, metal guards and god knows what else I wear).

Ah ok.

Makes sense. A fur suit shouldn’t have much enviromental protection and as such it soaks all the water and you get wet inside it.

Last I heard, the wolf-suit wasn’t really made of wolf fur. More like cotton. :-/

As far as I know the clothes that are rain resistant are the rain coat, poncho, and trench coat. There are /probably/ other out there, but I am not sure. I have not heard of the 35 warmth thing before.

Isn’t the wolf suit a fur suit…as in furrys lol.

Yes they are used for yiffying.

One of the more disturbing, or interesting depending on your outlook, instances involving wolf suits is that time I was harassing a school and throughout the residential area immediately surround the school were wolf suits. Wolf suits in almost every single homestead. It’s as if the parents are involved in some sort of local club and go have some furry parties when their kids are at the nearby school or late at night.

So the 35 warmth thing isn’t true?

Going by your observations, probably not.