Wolf corpse revived after only a few hours

After nearly dying from a wolf getting in my car and having to be beat it to death with my bare hands while driving, I had to limp back to the house to recover from bloodloss since I’d gone into shock. I figured I’d have more time to butcher the corpses after I woke up, since I’ve seen it take days for zombies to get back up, but I woke up only a few hours later to find my house is being prowled by a pack of undead wolves.
Isn’t it supposed to take alot longer for corpses to revive, especially since I hit them with a truck? If not how long do you usually have to eat a corpse before it tries to eat you instead?

I don’t think ‘days’ is right. I thought it was something like 6-ish hours but I’ll admit I’m not 100%

Heavily overkilled but not quite pulped corpes can take a very long time to revive, I wouldn’t be too surprised at days. Typical revival times is closer to a half dozen hours.