Dissecting corpses eats stamina like crazy, even caused pain, although minimal

I don’t think dissecting something is really such a physically intense task as to consume stamina. Perhaps this was unintended?

Just to clarify, it was one corpse?, and what size did it have?, and i think is a bug, since when you drop to 0 stamina, the game automatically stops the butchering to get to half stamina again

It was a single zombie scientist corpse. Yes I did get the you stop to catch your breath message repeatedly except the stamina stagnated at half until the task was done and I did get a minimal pain at some point.

I also had plenty of mouth encumbrance since I had the Rivtech Power Armor equipped but turned off. That seemed to cause the weird results. Anyway I don’t think dissecting a corpse for 45 minutes (that time seems to long also) with a gas mask on should render you so tired that a dangerous zombie would threaten you in a melee(since low stamina is a lot more punishing in melee these days).

Yeah, my chars also got out of breath after dissecting zombie humans at mouth encumberance 30.

Yeah extremely high mouth encumbrance is pretty rough. It kinda makes sense. I’ve done a lot of dissections in my day and it gets pretty rough if you’ve got a respirator on. (I had to do that once because the shark’s liver had exploded and it was just the absolute worst smell I’ve ever been afflicted with.)

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