ok ill get right to the point

can you install windsheilds on viecles (i know i spelt that wrong)and if you can how? i looked in all the install things and i cant find windsheilds. do you have to learn a recipie?

if you know you spelled it wrong y u no correct but type an apology?

windshields require a sheet of glass. those come from windows, cars/trucks, and in city maintainance garages.

you need duct tape/acetylene torch/welder and a wrench to install

for the first line cause im lazy :expressionless:

ok i know that part but when you ‘E’ a veichel is it in there for install or do i have to learn recipies for what i can add to veichles

You’ll also need a vehicle square that doesn’t have any seats, trunks, aisles, boards, or quarterpanels on it (and maybe some other things). Components that can’t be built on a given square don’t show up as install-able components.

Specifically: the window needs to be installed on an existing frame square, that also doesn’t have too much stuff it’s incompatible with on it.

alright i got it down now you guys were right i cant have anything else on the square thanks :slight_smile:

Well, you’ll learn that like clothing, vehicle part occupy ‘layers’ Windshields occupy a major layer.

I dont have a clear vison of the layers like I do clothing, but there’s incompatible objects.

A vehicle frame with a windshield can have armor plating, curtains, and a floodlight on the same tile as well. Not sure if security cameras can be attached on the tile. There’s also reinforced windshields which you can craft.

The floodlight and security camera take the same “slot” - the “on the roof” slot, which is still available with the windshield, so yes, you could put a floodlight, a security camera, a funnel, a solar panel, or a turret - OR being the operative word (as those all take the same “slot”).

Also, you can still add slotless things, like car/truck/motorcycle battery, clock, tracking device, etc., and you can put in a “tank” slot - gas/water/dirty water/diesel/napalm/hydrogen tank OR any size storage battery.