Windows Graphical Experimental - Build 134f639 (0.A-1753) - Permanent "diseases"

Picked up a nail board and started clubbing some zombies only to find out they would never recover from being stunned. Some self-inflicted experimentation revealed that the same case was true for the player (I.E. Blindness would never go away.) I believe the game treats these as diseases, hence the title. I doubt the game’s intended to play this way, so here, have a bug report!

Edit: It seems “Glare” is a disease as well, causing players to have sunlight glares even in basements since the glare effect never goes away.

Now that you mention it, I noticed zombies remaining stunned seemingly forever too - along with the glare bug mentioned here. This was with f64e68e, as mentioned below - and I wasn’t seeing this issue using a build from the previous day.

For me:

0.A f64e68e experimental
Windows 8.1

I’m on it, a refactor I did a while back broke it, and I see what I’m pretty sure is the problem, should have a build with it fixed tonight.

Ah - that’s good. :slight_smile:

Taken care of.