Smashing / blindness 9231

Bit of a problem with clearing up enemies on 9231. Smashing a few zombie corpses or dissecting a pile leads to days of pain, exhaustion, and perception 0 blindness. Is this the winded condition? Perhaps it is set a tad high?

Or maybe fire really is the answer…

Stamina has been . . . o_o Well, in my opinion, this is the first really game-breaking change I’ve experienced in the last year+ of updates.

Winded was nerfed in 9232, which largely reduced the negative impacts of the effect. This made the game playable again, although there are still issues.

Smashing and pulping can still get your character in trouble, but Kevin’s PR should fix that.

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I’m on build 9241, this is quite debilitating, you smash a zombie or two and you are exhausted. It also seems much longer to recover from low stamina in general.

This really is the awesomest game. You guys fix issues before they are even noticeable. Thousand kudos! I’ll go update now.

Not me, but I agree with the sentiment. The feedback from the stamina to fixing parts of it took less than a day.

Like I said, there’s still some stuff that needs addressed, but they’ll figure it out.

I updated and still smashing 1 zombie just to loose 2/3 of stamina, it’s still really broken. Makes me mad.

EDIT: It’s worse than before, smashing zombies makes the character catch his breath all the time, even with some stamina, so pulping zonbies takes FOREVER. :smiley:

I’m trying to build a fortress between too large cities, do you know how hard this makes it? :smiley:

It’s odd, sometimes a smash is just one bar, sometimes 3.5. Same type and condition.
caffeine maybe makes a difference, or time of day? Or heat? Going to test more.

Recent updates seem to have fixed the issue, if you are still having problems. :slight_smile: