Windows and metal pipes?

Hi, new here ! [size=8pt](excuse any silly questions)[/size]

Anyhow after loading world for the first time,
I decide i need to smash in the lockers and grab me a MetalPole
Awesome i think?

I see there are houses near me and decide to sneak up as i see Zombies in the area.
I manage to sneak to a window and try smash through it, to my dismay 40+ bashes and the window refuses to break?
Whats going on here?

Surely the MetalPole should have broken the window?


Are you wielding the pipe? Are you smashing the window by prssing s and the direction of the window?

Ehr… 0 Strength?

You should be able to (s)mash windows with fists.

Aye i was using S+direction to smash…

Can some status effect reduce me to 0 STR ? (doubt this is it as i had just loaded the world)

Actually still having this issue…
Random doors and windows wont break, Hotel doors and house windows so far

What about the first part of his question?

Are you 'w’ielding the pipe?

Indeed wielding the pipe also tried using a WoodAxe

First Char Down!
(kill count 87)

Guess we shall see on a fresh char if problem persists


  1. See if you are wielding any weapon , fists are perfectly fine to bring down windows in 1 hit.

  2. Find a house that has windows , press x to examine the window and see if it is no reinforced glass.

  3. If the window is reinforced glass , turn around and find a jackhammer , because fists won’t do the thing. If the glass turns out to be regular window , proceed to come near it. preferably 1 tile away from it.

  4. press the key “s” and then press the direction of the window (if it is diagonal , dont be affraid to use numpad or the nomber keys 1,3,7,9(each representing the direction wich they would be on a numpad)).

  5. If feeling perfectly safe and you have the time , press “*” and then press “g” and the direction of the window , to clean it and remove any possibility of cutting yourself on the sharp edges. If there is no time for extra safety procedures , proceed to press the key that represents the direction of the window.

  6. Loot all you can see.

Based on what he has told us thus far, I doubt he needs such agonizingly detailed instructions.

Not to mention it seems pretty condescending.

Sounds like a bug to me.

Why? When I was learning to play, I would have loved to have someone give me instructions like this.

Anyways, like above, check that the glass isn’t reinforced. Also, have you tried to (t)hrow the pipe or a rock through the glass?

Thanks Woflspider
Had not thought about reinforced glass…
(But these where “ordinary” Houses)

aye a bug is what i first thought, apparently not though.
(Searched for such no forum mention)

Indeed SpaniardSlayer, I resorted to carrying a few rocks with me for some old fashioned smash n grab
Thanks for the tip though.

Not got round to another run just yet, kids home Tea etc

I am considering Streaming a n00bs LP of sorts, Not sure how entertaining this would be…

I shall make a forum post later this evening if im going to.

I would venture a bug. Tested with latest nightly build and pipes smash windows in a single hit. 2 hit for a fist (weak character) and in general only a few whacks on a door before it starts to splinter.

still having the problem?